Relentless offers Biblical counseling and professional counseling referral assistance services:

  • 1st contact will be made within 24-hrs of receiving request
  • Initial assessment of needs of individual, couples or family scheduled within 72 hours and last approximately 15-45 minutes
  • Determine next course of action and if pastoral counseling or a referral to professional counselors, therapists or treatment facilities is needed 

Meet Our Counselors

Joy is the Women’s Pastor at Relentless Church and has been passionately involved in the local church for more than 20 years. Her education and training in Intercultural Studies, Sociology and Masters in Church Ministry with a concentration in Biblical Counseling has aided her natural aptitude and passion for working with people from diverse cultural and social economic backgrounds. She enjoys helping people of all ages understand the truth about God’s word especially regarding reconciliation, diversity/justice issues and how much He loves them.”

“Relentless’ gospel-center, forever-focused and multiethnic movement speaks to the core of who I am and what I believe God’s Word says. Sunday morning is still one of the most segregated days and times of the week. As an African American woman who has a diverse family in blood and in spirit it will always be my heart and belief that the multi-ethnic church should be the norm and not the exception.

Chauncey Hatcher has been a school counselor for the past 17 years and nationally certified for the past 11. Prior to joining the education field, Chauncey served as therapist/case manager for five patients at Linden Oaks psychiatric hospital, residential adolescent unit. He hold both a BA ’99(Marketing) and MA ’01(Counseling) from Lewis University. Chauncey is originally from Chicago, IL and is a proud graduate of Lindblom Tech High School, one of the premier public schools in the “city”.  He spent many formative years in both the south suburbs of Chicago and inner city, giving him a wide range of perspectives in life. During his collegiate years he served on many committees with the president of the University, worked as the only student admissions counselor, joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and met his beautiful wife. They had their oldest daughter while still there and like to joke, she was college educated by 2! Chauncey has worked in both Chicago Public schools and local school districts since his time as a therapist.  
The Hatchers moved to the Raleigh area after much prayer and fasting.  They were seeking a place where they could be used by God to serve in their gifts and provide a great environment and community for their 5 children. As always, God provided and Blessed them in ways they couldn’t even imagine.  After serving in another ministry for nine years, In December of 2013, through a mutual friend, Chauncy met Pastor David and was introduced to Relentless Church, which wasn’t yet a church then. They have been partners at Relentless since August of 2014. Chauncey enjoys helping people and believe whole-heartedly that he must be forever-focused and Gospel-centered to hear God’s plan, which is for us to be multiethnic.  
“I look forward to serving God and helping you, as we walk and work together to learn His will for your life.”