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Relentless is investing in a community called La Ceiba, in Honduras by partnering with Compassion Int. through the local church to sponsor children living in poverty within that community. Sponsorship through Compassion provides kids with education, food, medical and dental checkups, and most importantly, connects them to the gospel of Jesus.

While it begins with sponsorship, we believe that’s far from the end. Relentless completed the first visit to La Ceiba April 2019, where our team met some of the 58 (and counting) children sponsored by our Relentless family and learned more about the Compassion Center there as well as other organizations supporting children in La Ceiba. This was the first of many visits where we will work towards making a significant impact in that area over time.

Learn more at: https://www.Compassion.com

Sponsor a child in La Cieba: https://www.Compassion.com/Sponsor_a_child/

Give Hope 2 Kids

Give Hope 2 Kids is a Family-Centered Community, raising kids who were once orphaned or abandoned in loving, Honduran families.  Our ministry places kids in one of our five children’s homes located in the mountains of northern Honduras.  We value a rural, Christ-centered, Honduran-based upbringing for our kids.  We are committed to raising and educating vulnerable children until they’re independent adults with hope for a brighter future.

In addition to monthly financial support, Relentless also partners with Give Hope 2 Kids on building projects and  they will host us for upcoming mission trips. 

One of the things I love about Relentless Church is their passion for reaching beyond their walls and showing God's love in the world. I was able to visit the Compassion Center in La Ceiba, Honduras and see the difference our partnership is making first hand. I can tell you, these sponsorships matter and Relentless Church is going to forever impact this community.
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