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We were not made to do life alone. Relationships. Family. Careers. Faith. They all bring challenges and questions. Joining an RC Group is all about growing tighter with God, and growing tighter with each other. 

As our groups have grown, we are no longer able to offer childcare for each group.  If you are struggling with childcare options, indicate that on your sign up form and we will do everything we can to help.

Now it’s time to take a life changing step and sign up for a RC Group! Our fall session is of utmost importance as our entire church goes through the book “Multiethnic Conversations” by Mark DeYmaz.  Please purchase a copy of the book as soon as possible, they are available on amazon.com and christianbook.com, the e-book is much cheaper.  If you need help financially purchasing the book we would be happy to assist you, just let your group leader know.  

This is an 8 week study and we have 6 groups to choose from, Sign up here.


Sundays starting August 25th
4-6 PM
Co-led by Kim Wilson and Joe & Johanna Sozio
Host at the Soper House


Mondays starting August 26th
6:45-8:15 PM
Led by Raf & Misty Gonzalez
Hosted at Phil Maychek's House


Tuesdays starting August 27th

Co-led by David & Kelly Jones
and O'Neil & Kim Branch
Hosted at Branch House


Sundays starting Sunday August 25th
1-3 PM
Co-led byJoy Bey & Lisa Montoya
Hosted at the Montoya House


Fridays starting September 6th
6:30 - 8:30 PM
Led by Chauncey & Lanaya Hatcher
Hosted at Hatcher House (first group)


Mondays starting August 26th,
Led by Jewett's and Hardy's
Hosted at the Smetana House
(near Broughton High School)

To say I’ve enjoyed being a part of a small group would be an understatement. Every week I look forward to getting together, sharing life (and food), and engaging in real conversations that have challenged me and opened my eyes to different perspectives, all while growing me, and us, closer together as we grow closer to Jesus.
Phil M.
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1540 Mechanical Blvd
Garner, NC 27529
(4 miles from downtown Raleigh)

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